Monday, May 19, 2014

International Weekly Jewish Blog Carnival, Havel Havelim at Esser Agaroth 2¢

This week's international Jewish blog carnival the long-running record-breaking Havel Havelim can be found at Esser Agaroth aka 2¢. It's jam-packed full of interesting blog posts for your reading pleasure. So please read, comment and share the blog carnival and the various posts included.

Next week I'll be hosting it, and you can send in your post/link via blog carnival (which requires a simple sign-in) or as an email to shilohmuse at gmail dot com, with HH as subject, thanks.

For those who may be curious, what is a blog carnival? A blog carnival is an internet magazine, and the blog posts are the articles. In many cases the carnival floats from blog host to blog host. It's also a community of bloggers who have something in common, at least in the general topics they blog about.  Havel Havelim bloggers utilize facebook to communicate and coordinate the blog carnival. You are welcome to join us.

I also coordinate/head another Jewish blog carnival, the Kosher Cooking Carnival which includes a wide variety of posts about kosher food, kosher cooking and the laws of Kashrut. We also utilize facebook and blog carnival. Or you can volunteer to host or send in your links by emailing shilohmuse at gmail dot com with KCC as subject, thanks. KCC is posted monthly on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the Jewish Month.

Enjoy your reading, and please join our blogging community, even if just to read and share the articles.

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