Friday, May 23, 2014

Ezra's Aliyah, a Book Review

No doubt many of you know the writer of Ezra's Aliyah, because she's,   a well-known prolific blogger and blog carnival host. Read her latest Havel Havelim.

Tzivia's blogs are Adventures in BreadLand, Adventures in AliyahLand, and Adventures in Mama-Land. If I left one out, I'll add it. So, you'd think she'd call her book Ezra's Aliyah Adventure...

Now about the book. I loved it. It's just the right length for young kids and brings up the subjects parents must speak to their children about.  Ezra's Aliyah is short enough so that young children won't get bored, and it has enough information plus topics for discussion which will certainly be invaluable for older children. I'm going to be perfectly honest. When I was 13 my family moved to a different city, different school system, which although was just a ten minute drive away was a different world, culture, norms. I wish that my parents had made the effort to prepare me the way this book can help a child adjust to aliyah, the move to Israel.

I brought the book to my grandchildren to see their reactions. They were curious, and my eldest granddaughter even tried to read it by herself. Everyone loved the illustrations which were via a WFH arrangement.

One thing for sure. Ezra's Aliyah should be the first in a series of adventures and discoveries living in Israel. I'm sure there would be enthusiastic readers. Not only is the book highly recommended for potential olim, those who move to Israel, I'd say that it would be helpful to prepare children before a visit to Israel. And by reading and discussing it to their children, the parents, too, will be better prepared for the differences between Israel and wherever.  That should encourage them to leave the bubble of hotels, touristy restaurants and the crutch of a guide.

Ezra's Aliyah is not Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod's first book. Click here to see her Amazon page; it's very impressive. She's an excellent writer, and her books make great gifts. Buy it on Amazon ( or directly from Tzivia in Israel for only $9 (including mailing).

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