Monday, December 29, 2014

Trip to Netanya via Ariel

Here are some photos from a mitzvah, not for pleasure trip to Netanya via Ariel. A neighbor was sitting shiva, that's the week of mourning, at his parents' apartment in Netanya. I went with a couple of neighbors.

One of the things I've learned is how G-d controls everything, all the timing, etc. Earlier than morning, I had been at the demonstration at the regional offices in Psagot, against our buses being banished from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. When a neighbor overheard that I had a ride, she asked if she could join us. I arranged it. Then a few days or so later, after I had sent an email to the Shiloh group that I needed a ride to a wedding, she called saying she was "paying me back." And I went to that wedding with her and her husband.

Even though the ride to Netanya is only just over an hour, the climate is different. And in the winter, the sky is amazing.

Too bad I didn't got there for pleasure... another time, G-d willing.

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