Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seventh 7th Night of Chanukah, A Joyful Wedding!

I moved my Chanukiyah over a bit, in order to take better photos. While my husband was off in Jerusalem at the Begin Prize Ceremony, I quickly lit my Chanukiyah and then went off with neighbors to a wedding.

Despite the rain, we could see the bright lights of Israeli industry. By turning off the auto-flash on my Canon IXUS 145, I got surprisingly good photos. 

It rained and drizzled the entire way, and I wondered what we'd do if the chuppah (marriage ceremony) was to be outside. I could see it set up beautifully, and the rain stopped after we got there.

It was gorgeous, and apparently G-d did want an outdoor chuppah.  Only the fish were wet while we enjoyed the festive event.

After it was over, and we were in the hall, there was an amazingly heavy downpour.

According to Jewish Tradition, rain at a wedding is a sign of a bracha, blessing, and may this couple be blessed and fruitful.

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