Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best Five Shekel NS5 Meal in Jerusalem

As promised, here's the news about the best five shekel ns5, meal I've found in Jerusalem. There are some regular priced restaurants, kiyosks and food bars that offer a ns5 (or even ns4.90) coffee in Jerusalem's "city center. But what interests me is where you can get a filling sandwich for the reasonable price of five shekels.

A few times I've bought a five shekel sandwich that was smaller than the palm of my hand. That's fine for a diet or very tiny appetite. To get the satisfaction a regular ns15-20 shekel sandwich would give, you'd have to buy at least three, and you wouldn't get as much tuna (my preferred filling) or whatever filling as in the more expensive one. So, the truth is that in most of the discount places, you don't get much sandwich for your money. That's why I buy a carrot juice along with it, yes, freshly juiced raw carrots, which is the only juice I drink, though pretty rarely.

Last week, I was downtown on Rechov Yaffo, Jaffa Street and spotted an attractive food bar, coffee cake. They had a bowl of normal sized sandwich rolls, but the only number on the menu decorating the wall was "5."

I asked how much they cost and I was surprised, very pleasantly surprised to hear that the sandwiches were only ns5. So I got my usual tuna sandwich and carrot juice for the grand total of ns10.

As you can see from the photos, everything is attractive and clean. Inexpensive does not need to be dirty and dingy.

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