Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kashrut Alert: Passover, Pesach

Today at the Shabbat table, which was terribly quiet, no guests, I took a good look at the bottle of sparkling wine I was drinking.  Imagine my surprise!

Contrary to what I had been told/taught that "all wine is produced as Kosher for Passover, this Italian Bosca Verdi sparkling wine isn't Kosher for Passover. The label even mentions it being Chametz,  so it may be that something in the flavoring is forbidden on Passover.

Right after Shabbat I photographed the label for this post.

I know that it's quite a few months until Passover, but still I think that it's a good idea to post it already.


Tzivia in MamaLand said...

Very, very good to know. I will have to alert my husband, since he's the one who does most of the shopping / schlepping. :-)
(and who is very likely to show up with something like this erev Pesach as a "surprise" because he's such a sweet guy...!)

Batya said...

I think it'll be good to be on the alert when shopping and inform storekeepers/managers, since most people think all wines are KP.