Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Artist's Choice Ends 2014 on 52Frames

I found this last challenge/theme of the year, "Artist's Choice," to be the most difficult. My 52Frames photos aren't among the popular ones, so I felt the pressure even more than usual to finish the year with something really gorgeous.

My photos are handicapped by the fact that neither my camera, the inexpensive Canon IXUS 145 and phone, the simple Samsung Galaxy 2 are very good. People are always advising me to take "sharper" photos, which is impossible. I try to make up for it by interesting subjects or composition. Since last week I was invited to two weddings, I had hoped that at least I'd find/take a great picture at one of the weddings. That's what I did. I submitted a mildly cropped photo of the chuppah, wedding canopy and ceremony at one of the weddings.

The setting was absolutely gorgeous, so "all" I had to do was to get the full reflection in my screen, no view-finder on this camera. I did my best.

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