Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Piccolino, Dining Pleasure in Jerusalem

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For those who have been wondering what happened to the lovely restaurant in the Anna Ticho Museum during the renovations there, I have news for you. The owners have opened something new in downtown Jerusalem called Piccolino on 12 Yoel Solomon Street, in Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem, as part of the new "Kikar Hamusica," Music Square.

I visited it last week and had an absolutely wonderful meal. Because of my dining partner's connections to the owner, although we only ordered two main courses, we were given "extras" to sample. Everything was totally delicious.

First of all, if you want to be guaranteed a table, I suggest making reservations. When we called, early the same day, the only place available was the bar, which was actually fine for the two of us, and that was for 7pm reservations.

Piccolino has a number of beautifully decorated rooms, which can be used either by the table or reserved for groups. There's also the option of dining outside in Kikar Hamusica.

Kashrut is Mehadrin, for those who need to know. My dining partner ordered Eggplant Calzone, and I ordered the Citrus Salmon. While we were waiting, they brought us Fococcia with Spreads and  their Antipasti:
"Pickled sardines with lemon fillets and red onion, artichoke alla romano, beetroot and blue cheese carpaccio, grilled eggplant with goat's yoghurt, health salad, tomato, red onion and chilli pepper salad, home pickled olives, spread of pesto"
We were also given the most amazing Melanzane alla parmigiana:

Everything was perfect. As we were eating, I couldn't help but staring at the tempting desserts nearby, but since I'm trying to keep my weight down and bank account in the black, I didn't plan on ordering any. Though, as a restaurant reviewer, when we were offered dessert, I certainly couldn't say no.

They brought us two amazing chocolate delights to sample, and it would have been a sin to leave any over.

Don't you agree?

I definitely recommend Piccolino if you want an excellent dairy meal in Jerusalem.

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