Saturday, November 07, 2015

Another Book Review, Whew...

Sometimes I just have too much to do and too much to read and a pile of books I had promised to review waiting very impatiently for me. And there are weeks when I read nothing but whatever's on the computer screen, phone and of course my daily prayers and psalms and the Bible chapters for my Matan classes. My life just gets too busy. You must understand that I am the type who has always loved to read, from when I first learned in the First Grade. When I was younger, I'd read non-stop. One of the great extra perks of breast-feeding my kids was that it was an opportunity to sit and read at the same time.

This Shabbat I read enough of the latest Rabbi Sacks book, Lessons in Leadership, to review it. Here's my blurb:
I particularly enjoy how Rabbi Sacks integrates his broad general knowledge into the very traditional genre of Parshat Shavua books without compromising his rabbinic standards. 
And here's the link to the review.
Book Review: Lessons in Leadership by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Enjoy both the review and the book!!

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