Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week's Favorite Blog Posts or Why I Have Two Blogs

You and readers of Shiloh Musings, my "other blog," may wonder at times --as I do-- why I blog daily on two blogs and why I maintain two very separate blogs. Most people, legitimately so, have enough trouble managing to keep one blog alive. You'd think that one would be enough for anybody normal, but I've had two from almost the very beginning.

Shiloh Musings was my first blog. I started it to publicize the "musings," as a called them, the letters I'd been emailing to a growing list of people about the "situation," my feelings about the terror attacks and what was going on in Israel and the world. People had been telling me to get an internet site, and that's how I discovered the free sites called blogs, which were pretty new then.

Soon after, I started this one, which I then called me-ander, from meandering thoughts about all sorts of things. The basic topics are more personal than political, even though the politics in Shiloh Musings is always from a personal perspective. Food, kosher food and dieting also are popular topics. I first thought that I'd have this as an anonymous blog, but that's not my style at all. Rather recently I switched the name to "A Jewish Grandmother," since me-ander made no sense to anyone.  Both banners were done by Sarah, who no longer blogs as far as I know. The present banner is just a simple photo and information which I did on blogger.

I'm convinced that I'd lose readers if I tried to combine the blogs. I just checked the hits/visits to the blog posts on both blogs for the past week, and you can see from  which blogs were most popular that few of the same people would be interested.
Shiloh Musings: Where have All The Arabs Gone?
A Jewish Grandmother: Could Be An Entire Meal
If you haven't yet, please check them both out.

And also, my horoscope is Gemini, twins, meaning that I am rather multidimensional. I'm just curious. Do you read, follow both of my blogs?


Ruti Mizrachi said...

I read them both, and understand. I wrote at "Ki Yachol Nuchal!" for my first several years in Israel, all about my family's integration into our new country. But as time went by, I also wanted a venue to share thoughts and ideas that had nothing to do with Israel. This one is called "Never Ruthless." Between the two blogs, I get most of what I want to say said. Keep writing, Batya!

Batya Medad said...

Thank you my dear friend

sara g said...

I always read me-ander and often read musings.

Batya Medad said...

Sara g glad to hear thanks