Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Just a Partial Victory

still out in the cold and rain, sun and snow

I've blogged on how happy we are that our bus routes now extend past Pisgat Ze'ev and end up not far from Cinema City, near what's called the Kiryat Memshala,  the Government Office area near the Knesset, on the way to the Israel Museum. My husband is on the residents committee that has been negotiating with and lobbying Egged and the Transportation Ministry for that improvement, and people are always thanking me for those efforts and success, though partial.

There are people who have told me that during the year we were exiled to Pisgat Zeev, they had never once taken a bus home. It was just too inconvenient and complicated. They just tremped aka hitchhiked. Now they are back to taking buses, even though we're forced to wait in the elements, meaning outside.

I took these photos last week of people waiting at the most popular of the bus stops, the beginning of Yirmiyahu street just up (and let's stress that UP) from Center 1.

As you can see, it was a rainy day, and many tried for protection with umbrellas, because there wasn't enough room at the double-bus stop. Many buses stop there, and even if you're on one of the few seats you may be very unlucky. You may find yourself missing the bus, because you can't see the number quickly enough. The infirm and those will young children and lots of packages are at most risk.

When our buses left from the Central Bus Station, we had protection from the weather, security inspections to keep out Arab terrorists, and there was something to do --shop, wander, pray in the synagogue and eat-- if we were early for the bus.

Our public transportation on Egged Tavura, though improved, still isn't what it should be.

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