Friday, November 13, 2015

First Game, Preseason IFL Football

Last night I schlepped all the way to Mishor Adumim to watch the pre-season IFL that's American Tackle Football in Israel.

Perennial rivals, Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions "hosted" the Judean Rebels in the new and larger field in Mishor Adumim, the "Industrial/commercial area" of Maale Adumim. Due to changes in regulations (field size) Kraft Stadium is too small.

Experiencing a game in Mishor is very different from the homey Kraft, and getting to the new stadium is a real challenge for those without a car. I went with another player's mother, though neither of our sons actually played. They are now coaching. Coaches also have mothers and need/deserve our cheers.

Without an amplified "play by play" commentary, it was more like a practice in a way. There were very few fans in the stands, too. This was a preseason game, and I don't know if official games will have the more carnival atmosphere with food, music and commentary that we enjoyed  in Kraft. I also hope there will be some sort of transportation worked out for fans and "home team." Also, since the field is so much larger, not only the actual playing part, but the sidelines are probably wider, if you add up both sides,  than all of Kraft. It was hard to see the score numbers. Oh, Rebels won if you're interested. I don't know the actual score. Opera glasses recommended, thought the lighting is great, and my photos came out bright and clear even with a simple Canon IXUS 145 camera and Galaxy II Plus phone.


goyisherebbe said...

I am a former football fan. After I heard about concussions and brain damage I decided to ignore the subject and pay my respects to irrationality in baseball and basketball (especially when Cleveland and Lebron were in the playoffs). I grew up a Cleveland Browns fan and when I saw the account of former offensive guard Gene Hickerson being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in a wheelchair with Alzheimers, I just decided I had had enough. Non-violent sports only, please.

Batya said...

Please don't depress me. I am glad my son is coaching and never went to a game until he began playing.