Thursday, November 05, 2015

Not Home Much

Israel Museum
This week has been very busy. I haven't been home much between work, a wedding, studying, going to Jerusalem, the Israel Museum, a reunion with old friends etc.

Jerusalem at night
This morning, I don't have time for a long blog post on both blogs. Yesterday's posts, on this blog and Shiloh Musings were both written in advance and set up to post early in the morning. You can do that on blogger. That's because I usually sleep in Jerusalem Tuesday night in order to get to Matan rested and alert enough for a morning of classes and don't have a computer with me. My phone isn't all that good for blogging, though I managed when it was newer. Now there's just not enough memory left, and most aps have been deleted. And trying to type on that mini-screen is torture. I don't even like laptops for extended typing, what is needed to properly write/blog.

Gd willing I'll catch up on my blogging and all at some point, but it is good to be busy.

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