Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My New Watch for "FREE!"

I haven't had a watch to wear in a very long time. I generally check the time on my cellphone, but I can't do it on Shabbat. My last watch, an inexpensive one, functioned well, but the band broke, and replacing it cost as much as the watch. So I didn't bother. For the past few years i've been managing, but recently, I decided that I really needed a watch. One of the reasons is that without a watch on my wrist I need to wear two bracelets. I don't have enough bracelets, so I figured that it would be a good idea to get a watch.

I didn't actually have an idea of what sort of watch, nor where to buy it, but a miracle happened. The other day in Jerusalem I saw some in a store window, went in and bought one. The price was NS-nothing.

Here's my new watch:

It has a plastic burgundy colored band and face. The numbers are easy to see in the dark, and it's comfortable to wear. Believe me, it's from a real store and has a price of NS59, which is low for watches, even cheap ones.

And this is why it cost me nothing. It is on sale in FOX, and I have a "membership" in that chain. Every time I buy something there points are added to my personal account. I've been saving the points for something for me, and the watch is it. And there are still some points left. So, I'm happy.

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