Saturday, November 21, 2015

Israeli Beer in Jerusalem

Not long ago, I heard from Doug Greener, the Beer Mavin, that there's a new store in Jerusalem that specializes in Israeli beers. He recently blogged about the store, Beeratenu בירתנו.
"With the opening of Beerateinu at 3 Yanai Street, the city finally has an Israeli craft beer specialty shop where you can purchase close to 100 different kinds of Israeli craft beers from over 20 micro-breweries. 
The name is a play on words which means "our capital" and "our beer."  
The Israeli beers on display include: HaDubim, Sparrow, HeChatzer, Mosco, Dancing Camel, Buster's (cider), Negev, Alexander, Vilde Chaye, Fass, Lela, Herzl, Arava, Emek Ha'ela, HeChalutz, Jem's, Cabara, Malka, Bazelet, Shapiro, Ronen, Meadan and Beertzinut." (Doug Greener)
Last Tuesday when I was in Jerusalem I found the store and stepped in, introducing myself as a friend of Doug's. I apologized for not being able to buy beer, some of which I remembered from the beer tastings at Doug's, since I wouldn't be home for another day.  When they heard that I'd be in Jerusalem that night I was invited to the meeting of brewers that they had scheduled. It included tastings and information for those who are making beer at home. Beerateinu not only sells beer, but it sells the equipment to make it and provides guidance and support for those who want to make their own beer.

Some of the participants brought samples of their beer for us to taste and told how they made it and what sort of beer/taste they were trying to achieve. From what I understood beer is as varied, if not more so, as wine can be. The store was packed with beermakers. I was the only outsider, so I had the least expertise, other than my own drinking and tastings experience. The discussion began in Hebrew but kept ending up in English. The participants were both religious and not from what can be guessed from how they dressed.

I definitely plan on being back. You can join their facebook page.  And by the way, Israeli beer is very good!! Don't be afraid to try it. And if you've ever thought of brewing your own, this is the place to learn how.

All photos are by me, Batya Medad


Doug Greener said...

An excellent posting! I'm so proud how you have joined the Jerusalem craft beer scene. I'm sure the brewers at that meeting were happy to have your presence and opinions.

Batya said...

Thanks, and you've become quite a good blogger, too.