Monday, November 02, 2015

Low Calorie/Carb Eating Out- Just Ask for a Plate!

One of the big problems for us weight-watchers, dieters, diabetics etc. is that so many restaurant and fast food places have bread as an integral part of the meal. I have a friend who is determined and disciplined enough to just eat what's inside the pita or bread and not touch anything else. But most of us are made of weaker stuff.

That's why I was so happy to discover that in the little "food court," kiosk by the Sha'ar Binyamin Rami Levy, you can ask for your "chicken breast," mixed grill or whatever on a plate.

You get the same reasonably portioned, personally prepared (I always insist on no added salt) meat accompanied by salad and whatever dressings you want on a small plate, no bread, carbohydrates etc.

And did I tell you it only cost me ns15?

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