Sunday, November 01, 2015

Machane Yehuda's Magical Transformation

Every night, in the Center of Jerusalem something very magic happens. The famous Open Market-Machane Yehuda packs away the onions, bananas, apples etc. to become Jerusalem's latest bar and restaurant scene.

The covers over the shopping lanes, which had been put up to protect the customers from rain as they picked out the very best mango and orange from the rains and wind now now provide the perfect covers for those looking for nightlife. Davka, when my dining partner and I braved the rain walking over there, I wondered how many people would be out considering the weather and the security situation. Nobody can predict where the terrorists will strike against innocent Israelis. But the "night shuk" was filling, and he told me that later on it would be packed. Apparently, 8pm is considered early. It was late enough for me. We ate at Michmoret the excellent fish restaurant where you get a first course of Israeli salads and an excellent bread.

You choose a fish, which is a large portion and comes with either cooked vegetables or "chips," aka French Fries. Along with that we had some beer, and the bill came to about ns100 each, tip extra.

Here are some "street scenes" of the shuk at night!

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