Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2nd Hand but First Class

The other day I was in Jerusalem to buy some coffee for the French Press and decided to see what was on sale in my favorite women's clothing chain, Hilah. I was looking for a couple of sweaters to go with my dark blue, jeans-type skirt. There weren't any sweaters there worth buying, though I found a dress. Then I remembered that it was morning, and my super-favorite second hand store would be open. Actually, that's where I had bought the skirt, among other items.

The 2nd hand women's clothing store is in the Bell Tower on King George, near Yaffo. It's just by the bus stops and around the corner from the lightrail. Recently a Toys R Us opened in the building off of the street. The second hand store is in the main entrance, main floor, right side. Get there before 3pm, since it closes soon after. I don't know what it's official name is.

On the way, I checked in a few other stores for sweaters and saw some for well over my budget. I was not about to spend over ns100 for a cheap feeling ordinary sweater. So, I continued down King George Street to the Bell Tower.

Yes, in what was originally called the "Sweet Shoppe" has been a second hand clothing store for years already. Not only have I bought quite a few skirts and tops plus a necklace there, but I've even sold a couple of things.

I was greeted as a long lost relative and told the owner what I was looking for. She quickly found me a couple of sweaters that were absolutely perfect in every way. Not only did they seem high quality, fit and match the skirt perfectly, but they cost me only ns50 together. Yes, one was just ns20 and the other ns30.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think I could manage just buying second hand clothes. But I'm not adverse to sometimes buying second hand, especially items that one wears "forever," like skirts and sweaters.

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