Sunday, December 24, 2017

One-Sided Jerusalem Big Blue Lions Win Over Beersheva

Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions entering the field, Kraft Family Stadium, last night before the game.
We knew that the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions, reigning National IFL Champions had an excellent chance to beat the Beersheva Black Swarm, but we didn't think Beersheva would end up scoreless.
קבוצה Team נצ' הפ' תיקו % נקודות ספיגהאריות ירושלים   
Jerusalem Lions 4 0 100% 160 52
מורדי יהודה Judean Rebels 3 1 75% 116 110
פתח תקוה טרופרס Petah Tikva Troopers 2 2 50% 144 149
חיפה אנדרדוגס Haifa Underdogs 2 2 50% 37 63
כסופי הגב מזכרת בתיה Mazkeret Batya Silverbacks 1 3 25% 42 56
הנחיל השחור באר שבע Beersheva Black Swarm 1 3 25% 84 141
חלוצי תל אביב Tel Aviv Pioneers 1 3 25% 110 122
I've been watching the games for about ten years, and there has been great improvement in the Lions, especially their offense and what I'll call endurance or motivation. They play hard all four quarters, even when losing. The problem is when confronted with too many weak teams. And it looks like there are few teams which can really challenge Big Blue.

Here are a few short videos I took last night at the game:

Join us cheering the best American Football Team in Israel, Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions!

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