Friday, December 22, 2017

Tips for Easy, Safe Walking and Fitness

There is just one bit of advice I can give. Wear soft, supportive comfortable shoes, and go barefoot or shoe-less when you can.

Facebook friends and Instagram followers have a pretty good idea as to what I wear on my feet, since I've been posting my step-count along with my kicking off my shoes most nights.

My favorite brand is Skechers, which I've found to be the softest, lightest and most flexible of any brand. I've bought quite a few pairs when in the states. Now that I don't have any plans of going, I will have to find them here in Israel. The black shoes, in the picture on the right are Rockport, which are good for a leather shoe. But I still, when the weather is warm enough, prefer my Skechers.

Since yesterday was so unseasonably warm I wore them, and I walked much more than usual without any discomfort.

As you can see on the graphs, I don't walk all that much each time. I break up my walking and rarely take more than 4,000 steps without being sedentary for awhile. Besides wearing the right shoes, that is of the utmost importance. I'm not young anymore. My body must be catered to.

Another thing I do is to exercise my feet by not wearing shoes or even slippers. When I was young I studied Modern Dance and Israeli Folk Dance barefoot. And I firmly believe that fully exercised feet, which aren't encased in shoes, or being strained by what's called "flip-flops" in Hebrew, backless shoes, sandals or slippers, make for a healthier person. I connect this to the effectiveness of Reflexology. Our general health can be traced to the state and flexibility of our feet. That's why I like thick socks which keep me warm but don't restrict my feet.

What do you think of this? What are your tricks and tips?


Sandra said...

I like trainers as I need good support for my ankles. I also seem to wear down my heels on one side, so need to repair or replace the shoes regularly, or my balance is poor. Shoes make a massive difference to my balance. A fall when you are older can totally change your life so I am very careful! I also by special walking sandflies for the summer. Have a lovely Shabbat!

Batya Medad said...

It's good that you know what your feet and body need. There is nothing more important. When I used to work in a shoe store, I always warned customers that if the shoe feels even slightly painful in the store, it will only get worse with time. A bad shoe can cause major damage, and everyone is different.