Tuesday, December 26, 2017

French Press "Rides" Again

A few days ago I finished the last of my American ground coffee, so I had to make do with Elite Turkish Coffee perked in my classic stove top percolator. Finally, yesterday I combined my biweekly shopping in the Shaar Binyamin Rami Levi for fresh chickens with a shopping trip to Jerusalem.

This was a nice rainy day, which is what winter is supposed to be, and equipped with an umbrella and a smile I took care of a lot of shopping errands.

Getting ground coffee was the priority, so once I got to Jerusalem I made my way to Machane Yehuda's main covered market street/lane and searched for Rosmarin, where I had found the best prices plus a coffee-grinder that doesn't overgrind.

It's the only store I've found that has some coffee for under ns10 per 100 grams. You can choose between Brazilian and Columbian for ns8 per 100 grams. I bought some of both. They totalled about 600 grams altogether in two separate bags. Maybe another time I'll have them mix the coffee beans. What do you think?

This morning I was back drinking coffee from the French Press. I opened the Columbian, and it was fine. Yes, I'm awake.

French press coffee Yay!
bought ground coffee in the shuk
Cold, dry day not good 

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