Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kitchen Plan "Tweaked"

Yesterday, before Shabbat, I had a couple of shiputznikim, best translated as "jack of all trade" repair guys over to see the kitchen before giving estimates for the job. I trust you read yesterday's post about my kitchen plans, if not, then click here, thanks.

Quite a number of people, including professionals had seen the plan, and everyone said it was good. But then one of the shiputznikim yesterday took a look at it, walked around the kitchen and said:
"You should make a change. Move the sink to the corner, and then you'll have much more storage space. Corner storage is never very useful."
Wow! I knew immediately that he was right.

My original plan did have a corner sink, but not there. I even blogged about some young kitchen salesgirl trying to tell me that she knew more than me and corner sinks weren't good. Read Kitchen Update #1. That was actually written almost a year ago.

What do you think?

Now we're waiting for estimates to choose the professionals to do the job Gd willing.


Anonymous said...

Moving the sink to the corner is a good idea. But gaving redone my own kitchen several years ago, I'd suggest moving the burners to the area between the corner sink and the ovens, instead of having them right next to the fridge. It is good to have an area right next to the fridge where you can put things down when you take them out of the fridge, or when you're organizing them on the way into the fridge. We have our halavi counter next to the fridge so people can just take out milk and pour it onto cereal or into coffee, for example. Your current design leaves you with basically useless area to the right of the burners.

Batya Medad said...

Thanks but I don't want the burners next to the big window.
Of course a new kitchen is disorienting at first, but since the dairy sink is moving to the dairy nook table we should be fine.