Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Kosher for Passover Bargain Salad & Sandwich in Jerusalem

Today my friend and I went to Jerusalem. We saw a fascinating exhibit of Pre-State Haggadot in the National Library, Givat Ram, Hebrew University, then we needed to eat lunch. Finding certified/supervised Kosher for Passover No Kitniyot, legumes which most Ashkenaz Jews don't eat on Passover, food isn't all that easy. I figured we'd find something in Center 1, but it's a good thing my friend suggested the Central Bus Station.

One of the sandwich and salad places had both kitniyot and non-kitniyot salads and sandwiches. They were clearly labeled and on separate counters.

Non-Kitniyot were NS30 for either a sandwich or a salad, while the kitniyot were NS25, at least the sandwiches were. We took salads, which were a nice size. I had Tuna, while my friend took the Greek Salad. There was no dressing. We should have asked for olive oil. We received a fork and napkins. There are tables and chairs in the nearby food court, so we had a nice leisurely lunch together. The tables seemed clean and cared for.

Afterwards we walked through Center 1 on our way to the bus home. It's a good thing we didn't take my advice. It was like a ghost town. Most of the stores were closed, especially the restaurants and fast food places.

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