Monday, April 23, 2018

American Ground Coffee in Israel, Where?

After years of filling my suitcases with American ground coffee before returning home from the states and having friends and family bring me more, I just heard that there is at least one store here in Israel that sells it.

Photo by Ruti Eastman

My friend Ruti not only insisted that her local grocer in Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion, sells American ground coffee, she later sent me a photo of the shelf. Of course, it's almost double the price it would cost in the states, but carfare is cheaper than the flights...

Does anyone know where else they sell Folgers here in Israel? Since it's available here, I'd try the Kroger, too.

Even though it cost lots more per 100 grams than in an American supermarket, it's very similar to what the custom-ground coffee cost me here in Israel. And as you know, I'm not very satisfied, to say the least, with the various coffees I've bought. And if anyone can get the importer's info, I'd like to try to get my local stores interested, too.

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