Friday, April 27, 2018

"New Kitchen" Update

Well, we're back to square 2 or is it 3...

I have a plan and chose two out of the three basic kitchen materials, but I don't have the professionals yet to do the job.

This is a sketch of our 3.3m X 3m kitchen with what we need/want. This isn't the professional work plan of course. It was designed by my son-in-law and I. A few kitchen professionals who saw it found nothing to change. My aim is a totally functional kitchen, nothing fancy. It should be easy for us to use as we get older, Gd willing.

Here are the Formica for cabinets and the synthetic "marble" for counter tops I chose. They are simple and classic but not too plain. Remember that our "living space" is an "L," so that you see the kitchen from the dining area. We still have to choose wall tiles.

About a month and a half ago, we were just about signed up with someone who could do it all, including a new door and windows. You could say that the pen was on the contract, but at the very last second one of the family experts told us to clarify a few things. And then the deal fell apart.

In the workshop of the carpenter I visited yesterday.
And then it was Passover and all that involves, so basically I took over a month off from "the kitchen." I spoke to another couple of local workers, a carpenter and what's called a shipputznik, someone who does all the plumbing, building etc. They are supposed to come to give estimates. And now my son-in-law and I got back to work on it, too.

Yesterday, we went to his kitchen carpenter and got a recommendation for another shipputznik, who are supposed to also look at the existing kitchen, the plan and send estimates.

I decided to stick with the materials/colors I had chosen previously, which all the good carpenters work with. This isn't to be a kitchen to "wow;" it's supposed to be a great, comfortable and easy to use one. I do think that a certain features I'm planning will "wow," because they will create the sort of multi-purpose usefulness that is necessary in a small space. I davka don't want a professional kitchen planner, because they have their styles/agendas. My kitchen has to suit me, and I know what I need. Remember that we've been in the house for over thirty years, and many of its best features were my design. I had to be reminded of that by my eldest... And my son-in-law is also very talented in designing and the measuring aspect, so we seem to make a good team.

Bli eyin haraa, not to tempt the "evil eye," I hope, Gd willing, that I'll be able to finally sign contracts and get a new functional kitchen.

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