Sunday, April 22, 2018

Social Media War: MeWe versus Facebook

MeWe has taken on the humongous Facebook social media star. A few of my fb friends and I have joined it. Some of us joined just out of curiosity and to make sure we hadn't been left out of a new adventure. While others posted very dramatic announcements on Facebook that MeWe was the place to be and they were finished with Facebook. We got reports of the better graphics when posting messages. 

MeWe vs Facebook

Those who really want to leave Facebook in principle are legitimately angry about being put in "Facebook jail" for voicing their opinions. The hypersensitive algorithms which "police" what's written on Facebook and also "direct traffic" to and from what members write. They also keep trying to make us spend money. That is legitimate, since Facebook is free. But it's the political policing which is dangerous. There is a very definite Leftist and anti-Israel slant.

Some of my friends have a few Facebook identities so when one is jailed they can post on another name.

When I use Facebook, which is multiple times each day, except for Shabbat of course, I am just thankful that it is a free service. I use Facebook for two very different reasons, both of equal importance.

First, I joined Facebook to promote my blogs. And I must admit that fb exposure has certainly helped some of the posts, not just political ones. My Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem series and some restaurant reviews would never have gotten such exposure and "hits" without Facebook. My political posts on Shiloh Musings are harder to promote, because the algorithms on google search are skewed just as Leftwards or worse.

Second, I joined Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends. I'm 1000% grateful for this aspect of Facebook, because I'm now in touch with a slew of relatives I wouldn't know at all without it. Besides all the distant cousins, I've made a lot of friends, some whom I even get to see f2f, meaning in person.

Now it seems that most are tired of MeWe, apparently, because the latest from them on Facebook is that they are back. It's like setting up for a big party, inviting lots of friends and then sitting all alone. Yes, that's the big problem with MeWe; it's small. It doesn't matter how attractive the graphics, it doesn't have the reach, the massive numbers of Facebook or Twitter, of which I'm a member but hardly use it. I also have an Instagram account, which is for pictures which simultaneously can be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

My guess is that MeWe will fade out like some other social media sites have. There was one a few years ago, forgot the name, in which I was "friends" with Kirk Douglas and we chatted.

What do you think?


Miriam said...

Interesting Blog Batya. I originally joined Facebook to find lost friends from years ago and to reconnect with family members I lost touch with.

Thanks to Facebook, I did find many cousins and friends.

Lately, Facebook has become a site for hatred. The amount of anti Trump postings, anti Israel and anti semitic postings seems to grow daily. Reply, not to the likenings of the monitors [censors really], and you go to jail.

No wonder, Facebook members are looking elsewhere. I too joined MeWe. I am remaining on Facebook for the time being. Whether or not I stay on MeWe..only time will tell.


Batya Medad said...

Thanks for your comment.
I'm rather amazed that I've, bli eyin haraa, stayed under the fb radar. So far I don't see anything great in MeWe, and I have so many friends and relatives on fb.

Nigel said...

I've just left Facebook - closed my account and joined MeWe. I like MeWe inspite of it being smaller than FB. If enough people join then it can be something great. I've introduced 3 of my family and a friend to MeWe. I lost my faith in FB as it's become a dishonest social media platform just like Google.