Sunday, April 08, 2018

Kitchen Post-Passover "Normal" and Maimuna Memories

We've always made a point of getting all of the Passover kitchenware stored away and the regular chametz things back on their shelves before hitting the sack after Pesach. And the switch to Passover is also done in one hysterical campaign. Even in the days when I made large s'darim (seders) I never  started cooking for them while there were still chametz dishes/pots out.

So, before we went to bed, we had finished switching back.

There were some great years, when the kids were around to help and big enough to really make life easy for us. Those same years, neighbors a few doors away did a nice Maimuna celebration. Going to it was like getting rewarded for all of our hard work. Of course our Moroccan neighbors had managed to put together a great party in much less time... 

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