Sunday, June 10, 2018

Finally Feeling Like Summer at The Pool

This year our local Shiloh Swimming Pool opened relatively early on the "goyishe calendar," June 1, 2018, and the water was cold that first full week.

Only this morning did I really enjoy every minute in the water. OK, it was a bit chilly when I first entered, but I quickly got used to the water. Or did the water really heat up? It was probably a combination of the two.

Whatever... I have no complaints, except for the fact that we were all sent out too early for our taste. We would have been much happier if the pool had longer hours for us "women," females 18+.

OK, I guess I could have come a bit earlier, but then the water would have been a bit colder. The pool is on the eastern slope of the neighborhood, and every minute the sun heats the water a bit more. Last week it was bitter cold...

Happy Summer, Everyone

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