Friday, June 01, 2018

Whoopee The Pool!

Even though it hasn't been all that hot, the local Shiloh Swimming Pool opened officially today for the 5778, 2018 season.

I must admit that when I began the procedure to enter the water, it wasn't easy. The water was freezing cold to put it mildly. A more intrepid neighbor was happily swimming. She insisted that I'd feel warm once I began to swim, but considering that I don't really swim... My exercises don't heat the body as well as her laps heat hers.

I used to just jump into the water, but in recent years I've decided that at my age, jumping into freezing water isn't the greatest/smartest thing to do. So I slowly climb down the ladder at the deep end. At times I moan and scream from pain, but I keep going. It just takes a few minutes until all but my head is in the water, and then there's no going back. When I used to jump, I'd something waste five to ten minutes just standing there. So, the new method is actually a bit more efficient.

For about forty-five 45 minutes I did all sorts of water aerobic exercises, even some underwater swimming. That was enough for the first day of the season. Thank Gd the pool is located on the eastern side of Shiloh, where the morning sun hits and heats early.

Shiloh Swimming Pool

Shiloh Swimming Pool

Shiloh Swimming Pool

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