Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Diet Tip: Banish "The Clean Plate Club"

One thing that has been consistent in most of my life is that I was a founding member of  "The Clean Plate Club." That was even before the "baby nurse" my parents had hired after my sister was born introduced the name to our lexicon.

I almost never left food on my plate. I can't remember ever being served something I didn't like, even vegetables.

That may have made me into a "good eater," something praised by my family, especially because I wasn't a fussy eater. And since desserts were rare, candy forbidden, and we had lots of freedom outside to play, I wasn't fat as a child.

Dieting is a losing battle!
But as I got older and bigger, so did my appetite and at some point I was overweight, even mildly obese. For the past ten years I've been working hard at getting weight off and keeping it off.

First I cut out carbohydrates to almost none, and I also limited my protein portion. By doing these two simple things, I was able to lose about 30 lbs, or close to 15 kilogram. And I've kept most of it off.

To be honest, as time went on I've become less strict. One of the reasons is that research has shown that varying your calorie count, including having one day "off" a week actually speeds your metabolism. That helps the weight stay off.

About a year ago I discovered that five kilo had snuck back.  I've spent the last year fighting to get them back off. A month ago I succeeded, but now after some holidays and a hotel vacation a couple just crept back.

The good thing about having the weight off for so long is that my body has adjusted to the lower weight, and frequently, I realize that I'm "full," when there's still food on my plate. That is a new phenomena for me. So, as quickly as I can, I "clean" my plate by either packing away some of the food or throwing it in the garbage.

It's not a waste to throw out food. It's a waste to add it to your waist!


rutimizrachi said...

I remember a very funny Weight Watchers leader named Donna. She would say to all of us mothers who were finishing whatever our little ones left on their high-chair trays and plates: "Sure. You can save five dollars every week by 'not wasting' the food your kid doesn't finish -- and then pay me ten dollars a week to help you take off the weight. Makes sense."

Even though I didn't happen to be one of those moms -- the I was also a member of the CPC -- her words resonated for me. I can hear her to this day if I start to eat more after I'm satisfied.

Batya said...

When I caught someone in my house telling her husband to finish someone's food so it wouldn't be thrown in the garbage I declared:
"No human garbage cans in my house!"