Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Diet Dilemma: Will Water Exercise Get Weight Off?

After dropping to the lowest weight I had been for a couple of years, due to a few factors, including a Jewish eating Holiday and a weekend in a hotel, a few of those annoying kilo returned.

Last summer, although I exercised a lot in the pool, no weight left. If anything חבר הביא חבר chaver hevi chaver, a friend brought a friend, and I weighed more at the end of the summer than in the beginning.

So, I'm back struggling, trying to eat less, walk more and also tone my muscles in the water. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a better number on the scale, B"H. It's a struggle for sure.


Angela said...

Same issue! Eating less and starting walks early morning again. Swimming is for enjoyment and cooling off.

Batya said...

So it's not just me? When we have women's hours early morning I usually go at 8am. I don't walk early because of my water/coffee routine.