Monday, July 16, 2007

changes in the neighborhood

The other day I heard the sound of tractors nearby. When I went out to check, I saw that the old "maon" was taken down. The "maon" is the day care center for pre-pre-schoolers. I was the cook there for a number of years. The building that housed the kitchen was an old "tromasbest," large "caravan," not built to last.

One of the neighbors, who does fund-raising, decided to make a clubhouse for the girls of the yishuv. The sturdier of the two buildings, a prefabricated structure of metal and ? is to be renovated, and apparently they are planning a nice garden, yard.

I have some nice memories of that old kitchen. When we got the building, it was already old. Previously it was a home. One summer, during the short vacation, I was given a budget to hire some talented olim chadashim, new immigrants from the former USSR, to fix it up. Besides basic repairs, we covered the surfaces with contac paper. It really was nice.

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Now it's gone; memories remain. And soon there will be something very nice in the neighborhood.

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