Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogging for "money?" or The "Ads"

They probably no longer seem "new" to my blog, since I've had the "ads" up for a few months. The ads are all Jewish/Israeli, and I feel very comfortable with them, since they advertise products I agree with, like homes in Israel and Jewish books. I don't make great money off of them. Between my two blogs, I can eat dinner out once a month or two "business lunches," if I don't order fish.

That's how I'd joke with the guy who owns/runs the company.

Recently, a call/request was sent out here in Shiloh, a "Hachnasat Kallah" fundraising drive. That's when people are requested to contribute to a wedding and setting up a young couple for married life.

Suddenly, a "brainstorm!" Since the money I get for letting my blogs host these ads isn't really "earned," not like the salary I get for trying to teach my students English, I ought to use it for "Tzedaka," charity. I called the mother of the bride and told her that I have a couple of small checks for her and explained the source.

She's very grateful and sent this note:

I reiterate my heartfelt appreciation for the "envelope" you passed along to us. I'm trying not to become frantic (financially and otherwise) over making a wedding for my daughter. As you can imagine, every bit helps!
So, thank you again to our benevolent friends.

Remember when you click the ads, and hopefully support the advertisers, you're really giving "Tzedaka," since the clicks are used to calculate how much money I can give the bride a groom to help set up their "Bayit ne'eman b'Yisrael," their G-d fearing home in Israel.

Tizku l'mitzvot
May you be awarded with more mitzvot, good deeds.


Rafi G said...

that is a wonderful idea. tizee l'mitzvos!

muse said...

Think of all the people involved in this tzedakah!