Thursday, July 12, 2007

"9 Days" Food Planning

As I'm cooking now for Shabbat, I have to take in consideration the 9 Days. Usually my Shabbat food lasts the week. I made enough chicken etc, so that I don't have any "heavy" cooking to do all week.

My husband only eats dinner at home, and the "nest is empty." Now that I've stopped being vegetarian, I also need food for dinner, so I cook a lot on Thursday.

Planning the quantity for cooking this week is harder. I'm cooking less, but we have my daughter plus family coming and a guest for one of the meals, so I do need "food." Add to the planning complications, the fact that I'm returning from New York on a Friday morning, so cooking for that Shabbat won't be easy. Yes, there are things in the freezer, and I'll freeze what's left-over from this Shabbat.

We just have the fridge freezer, and it should be enough.

Cooked poultry and beef freeze well and are good if they're reheated in a new sauce or vegetables.

I wish conquering jet lag was so easy.

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