Thursday, September 15, 2005

fading and fading

I have the flu or something. Just a short while ago did I succeed at sitting long enough to blog.

after I got home yesterday, I collapsed on the couch and only started getting up this evening. Today I called our "green grocer" and asked for an order. He also considers himself a "natural healer." So I got advice along with the food.

I did something very rare, I didn't go to work. Usually I'm the type to go no matter how weak I am, but this year I finally realized that it was a stupid thing to do. Everyone was very nice about my calling in sick. There's no way I could have controlled my classes. Actually, today there was no way I could stand or sit. Periodically I made tea for myself, but then foolishly I left it in the kitchen, and then I couldn't get up to bring it to the couch. Yes, that bad.

Good night

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