Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Surprisingly Simple Banana Cake

Don't believe the cookbooks; it's really easy to bake cakes, even a banana cake. First use my easiest cake recipe as a base. The only crucial difference is the liquid. Instead of water, or juice, you use mashed ripe bananas, up to the volume of liquid in the recipe. Less is also ok, and then add water or juice until you get almost the same consistency as a regular cake. It should be a little thicker.

Remember that cinnamon makes it taste richer.

Nuts, raisins and diced fruit are optional.

Bake slowly, slightly lower heat, to make sure it's well cooked on the inside.



wendy said...

Do you use cake flour or regular? Do you bake in a round cake pan, or rectangle or probably it doesn't matter. I have a few bananas rotting - er ripening - on the counter, I will have to try your cake.

Batya said...

please let us know how it comes out

Anonymous said...

I used a little bit of left over crushed pineapple to bananas and added black walnuts.

Anonymous said...

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