Sunday, September 04, 2005

Oy, Yes, Oy

Oh, yes, I'm groaning. Two major reasons.

First, the pool closes this week, my two-minutes-from-the-house local swimming pool. It's the end of the season.

And I go back to work. This year I'm not at all ready, even less than usual. I'm sure that my students feel the same. So, oy and double oy. If you're not familiar, "oy" is Yiddish for "groan."

Just to think that a few years ago I was unemployed and took on any job. Then a friend offered me a teaching job, trying to teach the kids who were failing. And not only did I accept, but I found myself very good at it.

I have to keep remembering that. Everyday, I must remind myself how lucky I am. Because I am lucky. Baruch Hashem.

And now, I had better get myself ready to enjoy one of the last pool days of the season. And it's also Rosh Chodesh Ellul, the beginning of the Jewish month of Ellul, the month of introspection and tshuva, repentance. So I'll start by asking forgiveness from any of you I may have harmed. I'm sorry.

Chodesh Tov


wendy said...

Tomorrow our local pool closes, too. I guess autumn is on it's way.

ifyouwillit... said...

Autumn already? What happened to this year? The end of the summer always impacts, the chagim are approaching, and another year is close to finishing.

Batya said...

What happened this year? It disengaged and flooded.

Esther said...

It certainly has been a year of turmoil. Nothing like a swim to try to shake off all the crushing emotions. So sorry your pool is closing already. This was always the saddest time of year for me as a kid. I lived for the pool (and not going to school).

Batya said...

Someone said that the pool may be open a few more days, but in a few hours I leave for work!