Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Small Teaching Job

I got some calls from another community that wants to open a "study program" for its teens.  They heard from ? that I'm the one to teach English.  It'll be once a week and I'm going to have to set up an income tax arrangement to make sure I don't overpay.  I've never done that before. 

I'm very excited about that sort of teaching job.  So now I must start the preparations and make sure I know about any changes in the bagrut.  I haven't taught for a few years, but my favorite jobs were always tutoring, finding out what knowledge is lacking and helping the kids learn how to do well on tests.

G-d willing it will be good for all.


Dan.Eliot said...

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Batya said...

I know that you're commercial, but I must say that I've worked at all sorts of jobs, and some employers found it a negative, rather than a show of flexiblity and multiple talents.

Ariella said...

Hatzlacha at the new post!

Batya said...

Thanks so much. I hope that all the logistics work out. I shouldn't have mentioned it before starting, but it does sound like fun.