Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Coffee Bargain? When Good Coffee is On Sale

The other day, I saw Brazilian coffee on sale at Rami Levi, near the Yafiz where I work.  It's an Elite Coffee, the brand that makes the Turkish coffee I like.  The price was very reasonable, so I bought some.  This morning, since I figured I could always make myself some Turkish if it's awful, I made it.  Yes, that's pretty risky, two mornings in a row.

Various coffees have different flavors, and that's without anything artificial added in.  I like a coffee you can smell as soon as you open the bag or jar.  Yes, I like strong coffee.  I've walked into coffee shops asking for something to counteract jetlag and been disappointed when the worker replied with a blank stare.

Oh, yes, about that Brazilian coffee... a weaker than Turkish aroma entered the room as I opened it.  Yes, that's an acceptable start.  I cooked it up with sugar in a pot, as is my standard low-tech method.  It doesn't taste like Turkish, because it's Brazilian, but it definitely is coffee, a bit gentler but tasty.  So, when I'm next at work, if the special is still on, I'll buy more.

Have a great day!


PurelyCoffeeBeans said...

It's always difficult to spot a coffee bargain, esp. if the sale is a one-off.

I also prefer strong coffees, and can't bear anything lighter than medium roast. I also prefer something with a bit of a robusta type kick! But how on earth do you add sugar to your pot?

Do you use French press or a drip coffee maker?

Elena said...

I never treid a Brazilian coffee. I am a coffee addict, I can't wake up in the morning without my coffee.........

Batya said...

pure, I was taught how to make the coffee by some USSR army veterans. They had me cook my coffeein a simple pot/samovar with lots of sugar. I use less. The result is similar to perc'ed. Of course you can control/limit the sugar.

Elena, the Brazilian isn't as strong as Turkish coffee.

Hadassa said...

I've tried Elite's Brazilian coffee. I agree that it is a bit weaker than their standard Turkish. The Brazilian is only one of a "country line" that Elite has. I forget what the other countries are, but they're all in similar packaging. I remember trying one other flavor, because it's nice to vary one's coffee every once in a while.
Question for the coffee mavens. Please verify/correct: "Turkish" refers to the grind, whereas "Brazilian" etc. refer to the country of origin of the beans. Thanks.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I think there are different beans with different flavors, like different types of grapes and apples have different tastes.