Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Rain

Here in Israel, during this time of the year, a rainy day is a gorgeous one. So, here are some beautiful winter pictures, nice and wet for your viewing pleasure.

Rain is a blessing.  At most we get rain, a gift from G-d, about five months a year.  In the Bible it's written that we'll only get rain when we keep the Mitzvot, The G-d Given Commandments.  So we can't take our water for granted.


ilanadavita said...

Different places, different perspectives. I soon get tired of the rain but that's only because I know it is so common.

Batya said...

Here in the desert, rain is precious.

Hadassa said...

Every year at winter time my husband mentions that in Israel there are many happy songs about rain whereas in America the happy songs are about snow, and rain inspires sad songs. Don't say it. I know, I know, just about everyone in America is sick and tired of the snow, but that doesn't alter the song repertoire!

Batya said...

Interesting point. I remember my eldest grandchild singing and dancing in the rain when she was two plus. It was her first conscious memory/recognition of rain and she already knew a rain song and connected the two.

Where rain isn't a life necesity and not seen as a gift from G-d, it's just an annoyance.