Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Facebook Taking Over and Photobucket Problem

Facebook is taking over a larger and larger portion of my computer time.  I'm beginning to enjoy it.  It's a nice combination of email and blogging.  I have things set up so that my blogs also get posted to facebook, and sometimes there are a lot of comments there and not on blogger.  Generally different people comment on the different media.

I enjoy all the multi-directional "conversations" going on, too.  It's more open than email, though you can have private correspondance as messages.  I set it up with my photobucket account, but now I think that was a problem, so I have to figure out how to detach them.

Photobucket has announced that I'm reaching maximum for the month, just as February has begun, for the free account.  If I pass it, there will be a freeze, sanctions.  So, no more photos to upload on photobucket.  That once happened with Flicka and recently with Picassa.  So, my dear friends, followers and random readers, what other free programs can you recommend?


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