Sunday, February 06, 2011

An Adventure With A Lantzman

Today I had an adventure with a Lantzman.

Some of you may ask what is a lantzman.  It's someone מאותו הכפר me'oto hakfar from the same town.  Actually, I didn't know him from there way back when, but he was in my sister's class, and he was a friend of my brother, and his parents and mine were friends.  And his sister was in my brother's class and I even sort of taught his brother one summer, when I was the assistant in the synagogue's nursery school summer camp.

I only met him when he came to Israel and looked me up.

Some of you may have heard of him or heard him play one of the stringed instruments he played with the Diaspora Yeshiva Band, and some of you may have heard him more recently, since he still plays  gigs all over the states.

Nu, you're probably curious as to what adventure could we have experienced together.  He is visiting from the states, rented a car and picked me up at Yafiz at the end of my work day.  We then drove to Jerusalem and went to Mount Zion, his old home, and met with the legendary Rabbi Goldstein of the Diaspora Yeshiva.  Rabbi Goldstein took us on a grand tour.  G-d willing, photos will follow at some point.

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