Friday, February 18, 2011

Justin Bieber is Not Jewish, and a Strange Statement From His Staff

Not having been a teen for almost half a century, I can't understand the viral celebrity of this Justin Bieber.  I kept reading references to his being Jewish, but apparently that's because of his Jewish Manager, Scooter Braun.  His Christian mother is the dominant spiritual force in the family

Even NCSY is making a fuss about him.  There's a very strange line in their article:
“I’m planning to join a family seder during our tour, and Justin asked to share the experience. Justin, because of his Christian heritage, has a strong interest in the land of Israel”. (emphasis mine) complete article here
Now, why should his interest in the "land of Israel" be due to "his Christian heritage?" The Land of Israel is Jewish.  For anyone else to identify with it is "identity theft."

Figuring that I must be one of the only people who had never heard him sing, I searched for a youtube video from this year and found a few:

I'm not all that impressed, ordinary voice and professionally packaged, no more, no less. Also, he still looks very young for a boy who is sixteen. I taught high school boys for eleven years and developed a pretty good eye for judging ages. Will he accept his masculinity when it arrives, or will he develop a Michael Jackson complex?

Shabbat Shalom in case I don't get back to blogging before Shabbat.


Frayda said...

Batya, I never expected to see a post about Justi Bieber on your blog! LOL
I did not like the article. Something rubbed me the wrong way. I don't like how they are tying him in to a Jewish world. He is far from it. Yuck!

Batya said...

Davka the OU. Strange, I didn't like the article I linked to and can't see the attraction of the kid.