Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For Me It's Home

I usually just blog about my Rosh Chodesh, first of Jewish Month, visits to Tel Shiloh on Shiloh Musings, but some of you don't read that blog.

To me there's something very "unJewish" in praying to dead bodies, even holy rabbis and Biblical figures. I can't see why one should go to Uman or even Kever Rachel. I know that some of you are already getting upset at what I've just written. I've done the "grave tour" here in Israel and have been to Kever Rachel more times than I can count. I've seen mobs of people fighting to get into the buses to Kever Rachel and began to wonder why they don't go the Shiloh instead.

That's how I got the idea to call for Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh on Rosh Chodesh. For the past few years I post simple blog announcements like here, also email and facebook notices, inviting women to pray together at Shiloh, where Biblical Chana prayed for a son who would rescue the Jewish People from the sin and anarchy of the days of Judges. Ancient Shiloh has been in Israeli hands since the 1967 Six Days War, and there has been a Jewish community since Shvat, 1978. We moved here (to Shiloh) during Ellul, late summer, 1981. There's a tourist center at Tel Shiloh, so you're not restricted to my Rosh Chodesh events. Email: and if you'd like to get on my list email me. The next Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh on Rosh Chodesh will be:

Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh
Rosh Chodesh Adar II
Sunday, March 6, 2011
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson
Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors

תפילת נשים
ראש חודש אדר ב' בתל שילה
יום א' 6-3
יהיה דבר תורה קצר
נא לבוא, לפרסם ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

The people here in the picture weren't at Tel Shiloh for my prayer group.  They were just tourists we found when we went to pray.  As you can see, the drizzle didn't faze them a single bit.  They just wandered around armed with umbrellas.


Rivki @ Life in the Married Lane said...

I hear what you're saying. I asked one of my Rabbis about it once, and he said that we're not praying to the deceased, we're praying to Hashem in a place that has more kedushah, and so our tefillos have more oompf, so to speak.

But since you're in E"I, I'd think that anywhere you davened has more oompf (at least more oompf that I have here in Cleveland!)

Batya said...

A lot of the ancient tombs aren't proven the real burial places and that includes Kever Rachel.
but Shiloh is Shiloh. All the experts agree.