Saturday, February 05, 2011

Romantic? Hah!

Would someone like to tell me why most (at least it seems like most) of our electric problems come on a Friday when I'm getting ready for Shabbat?

According to Jewish Law, we're not supposed to be dealing with electricity on Shabbat, nor cooking, changing switches, lighting matches etc on Shabbat, that's the twenty-five hours from before Friday sunset until at least three stars are visable in one glance Saturday night.

Friday afternoon, suddenly most of our electricity went.  Why did I write "went?"  I hate euphemisms.  But in this case, when the fuses were fine and I couldn't figure out why the TV didn't work, the den computer did, the bedroom lights didn't, the outside light did, but none of the kitchen appliances were working including the oven and refrigerator, so, I'd say "went" is a pretty accurrate verb.  A nearby neighbor called in a panic saying that they thought that all their electricity was out.  And they were expecting grandchildren for Shabbat.

I called our electrician, the only electrician this house knows.  He worked with the contractor who built the house and visits when it needs repairs.  So, as soon as I explained the awful mess, he said:
"It's from the three-fase wiring.  Not all the fases work.  Call the Electric Company."
We reported to the customer report number, and the electrician called his contacts.  A crew was on its way, but of course nobody knew how long it would take.

Luckily I had baked most of my vegetable treats.  I'd have to finish off on the gas stove top, food, water etc.  I had already gone that road  a couple of months earlier.  Everything was fine except for the fact that I didn't want to open the fridge.  Then my neighbor came in for some dog food, table scraps.  I started apologizing saying that I didn't want to open the fridge when it suddenly occurred to me that I had to open it to lock the light off.  It's a good thing she came or I may have forgotten to do it and then we'd really be in trouble.  Sammy got his food and I prepared the fridge.  And I also asked if I could bring the baked veggies to her fridge. She had full electricity.  We did that.

Did I tell you that I was expecting guests?

Yes, four guests.  To make a long story short.  They loved the candle-light dinner.  I did a good job keeping the food hot.  Everyone had a great time.  They all took food home to their functioning refrigerators.

And we went to bed early.  Later at night, as we slept, the electricity came back.  This morning I ran off to some of the neighbors to bring home the food we needed for lunch, and now I'll get the rest of it.

I'm become quite an expert in coping with these "incidents" or "situations."

B"H, it worked out OK.

Have a nice uneventful week full of wonderful things.

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