Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cleaning Interrupted by CSI

Our house is almost ready for Passover.  Cleaning isn't my cuppa tea.  That makes this season one which I dread.

According to Jewish Law we have to use different kitchen equipment, dishes etc for Passover, and we have to clean everything before the switch.  This has to be finished by Monday morning, but that wouldn't give me enough time to cook, so most was done before Shabbat, and most of the remaining work was done after Shabbat. 

I was just about to blog something here, when my husband called to say that CSI was on.  It was too late for me to start watching, so I told him I'd skip, as I've been recently. Then he said that this was the continuation of the CSI Las Vegas where the head guy was stabbed, so...  yes, you guessed, I left the computer and just wasted time watching.  It's a good episode, and of course left us in suspense again.

Dumb me, I should have stayed away.  I need my sleep.

So, Good Night!

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