Monday, April 25, 2011

Lots Of Guests, But Not For A Meal

Our diningroom table was full today (last day of Passover,) and I had to keep adding chairs.   All I served were cut fruit and nuts, water, too. 

An unexpectedly large turnout for a rather impromptu shiur, Torah Class.

On Shabbat I had hosted our weekly class.  It was given by a guest, Rabbi Reuven Grodner, who along with his wife were davka staying with neighbors.  For the past few years he gives the class Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach at my house.  When it was over, his wife Chaya offered to give a shiur on the last day of the holiday.  My friends and I loved the idea.  I publicized it on our community email list and asked our shul to announce it. 

I was very nervous that nobody would show up.  Well, I didn't need to worry.  We had three times as many women as on Shabbat, and some even came from another neighborhood.  I guess lots of women felt the need to do more than cook and eat.

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