Friday, April 29, 2011

Real "Reality TV," or Lillie Langtry's Revenge

No, I wasn't invited either.  As I understand, that puts me in good company.

Prince William is  luckier than his royal predecessors.  He has been allowed to marry a commoner, Catherine Kate Middleton.  If that had been the case for close to the throne royals over a hundred years ago, maybe Lillie Langtry would have had a chance to be queen.

I'm no expert in royal history, nor will I be glued to the TV screen during their wedding.  I'll probably see the highlights online after Shabbat aka Saturday night.  My knowledge of Lillie Langtry is from the fantastic TV series I saw decades ago.

For me this is just another Friday to cook and clean and so some laundry.

I hope the young couple, Will and Kate get that "happily ever after" that his parents missed.  The media and royal reality TV fans may even find it boring....


Shimshonit said...

I think Lillie came into Prince Bertie's life a bit late; he was already married to Princess Alexandra before he met her, and I don't think divorce would have been in the cards for him, even had he been willing. I think for royal women, looking the other way while their men wander is de rigeur, as it was for Princess Alexandra and for the current Queen.

Batya said...

Shimshonit, that's the life Diana wouldn't accept. If she had played along, she'd still be married and alive.
Will and Kate were able to develop a very modern relationship because of Diana's rebellion. It's a new world for the British royals.