Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee Lovers, Here We Go Again

Anyone who's a friend of mine on facebook knows what coffee I've be drinking...

I haven't been adding too many fb friends recently, so unless you tell me exactly who you are and why you want to be my friend, I'll probably ignore the request.  Sorry

Well, back to the topic, coffee.  I love coffee.  I do, really.  And I know that most things, including coffee, are fine in moderation, so I rarely have coffee after my morning cup cups, two very, very large mugs.

I've been on a quest of sorts to get the perfect coffeemaker, and I think that I'm going back to the old-fashioned kind.  Not as old-fashioned as I've been brewing of late.  I've been boiling my coffee with some sugar in a pot.  Then it sits a few minutes before I pour it into the mug and add water.  I'd like something a bit more advanced, a nice stainless steel percolator.  Now I'll just have to find one on my upcoming (I don't even have tickets yet) trip to the states.


swag said...

The next person to abuse the word "perfect" like a Martha Stewart wannabe on crack will be shot in the face.

Batya said...

"perfect" is very subjective
Obviously, my "perfect" may not be yours
I guess you don't prepare your coffee like I do.