Saturday, April 09, 2011

My Neighbors Actually Read This!

It has happened lots more than once when I'd start telling someone something, and they'd interrupt me saying:
"I read it on your blog."
Friday morning I got a call from a neighbor:
"I read on your blog that you're looking for a way to give clothes to a gmach*."
And this afternoon (Shabbat) when I was taking a walk in the neighborhood, another neighbor stopped me:
"I only discovered the paper recycling box when I saw the picture you posted."
They had both read the same post or picture; one as a blog and the other on facebook.  The statistics on this blog aren't that impressive number-wise, but the quality is great.  Also, I "share" the posts to facebook and there I don't know how many people see the posts.  In addition I use fb for my photos.

The neighbor who had called about the clothes took a bag full of stuff I pulled out of my closet.  G-d willing there will be people who will enjoy them.

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